Losing Love

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

When love dawns on a human being
it’s hard to believe the pain it brings
or this emptiness without seeing
but it’s the reason a man sings

Yes love is all I had for you
today there is no one else
I was sorry for the things I did
but today there is no one else

You’re with him it is too much pain
it’s you and him when it should be me
im tired of just playing the game
one day you’ll fall in love and you will see

I live alone in so much pain
because of mistakes you won’t forget
our love just goes down a drain
as your idea of love you do set

But being in love is strange
as the feeling for me is nice
I don’t give my love I keep it
in some ever tight vice

Now you’ve left I feel so cold
and this love I had has died
you of love just won’t be told
on top of everything else that’s why I cried


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