Losing my Mind

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

I think I lost my mind, gone insane
the dead danced like puppets on a string
bullets ripped through their bodies again
knowing that its only death we bring

The night is green through my sights
tracers ripping through the air
this one was the heaviest of fights
switch off I didn’t dare

Years later their still in my mind
been sectioned twice
waiting for the shrink to find
why it is I have this vice

Some are in jail or on the street
or the madhouse where I went
I hope one day we will all defeat
have our say or have our vent

Soldiers is what we are
but human underneath
it tells with a tour too far
the stress that lies beneath

Then were out with not a shout
or a guide book to show the way
civvy street what’s it all about?
pull yourself together man the shrink would say

But I can’t settle out here
the army is all I know
and the killing I saw was so severe
how is my heart ever to grow?

Learning to smile and laugh once more
learning not to explode
yes I think you know the score
I think id rather implode

Sectioned again flashback got me
my mind is lost to the insane
oh brother it’s taken me time you see
as my shrink tried in vein

Brother it will take time to mend
if life is hard
don’t let it send you round the bend
play your final card

Time heals


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