Lost and Found

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Poetry | 0 comments

I was lost
And you found me

You walked out of my dreams
And into my life

And that made all the difference
In the world

As you entered my life

I was all alone in this cruel world
And you provided shelter
And comfort

I did not know what I wanted
And you gave me what I wanted

You gave me meaning
You gave me purpose

You gave me love
And understanding

peace and happiness
Joy, laughter and fun

You were endlessly fascinating
Could not keep my eyes off you

You were the most beautiful women
In the world to me

And you still are
So many years later

Like a fine bottle of wine
Gets better with age

And you gave me
Endless nights of wild love making

Which has gotten better
As well

And I fell under your spell
from the day I met you
I was lost
And you found me

And if you go first
I will be lost again

Can’t live without you
By my side

Thus is has always been
Between us

We are so entangled
So interwoven

And that is the way
It was meant to me


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