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How do we define this paradox calling itself love?
It’s invisible, but can be seen – a precious gift from above.
It’s tangible, but it is not a thing or an object,
It is our choice to give, accept or to reject.

An emotion and a feeling that will transcend
Age, generation, time, space until the world’s end.
Its shape and form adapting to where there is need;
Man to woman, parent to child, visa versa to concede.

Love knows no boundaries, is priceless and infinite;
It’s depth and breadth though boundless, at once is light,
The store of love can and will never deplete,
Neither in the face of opposition will it leave or retreat.

It gives hope and renews a life that was once sad,
It lifts hearts when our lives go through the bad.
Enables the caregiver of one who is desperately ill
To keep going when others have given up the will.

The written word about love has been sung and said
It’s whole concept immortal – captured in its beauty to be read.
Love occupied the hearts and minds since the beginning of life,
Love and goodness always valiant against war and strife.

Love is allowing the recipient as a person to grow;
Nurturing them and helping them this life to know.
As parent to child, or lover to the beloved one,
Enjoying their growth is a reward that cannot be outdone.

Today we see love made into word and deed,
Their love that began with little gestures that planted a seed.
As our two loved ones today their married life will start,
We’ve seen their love growing – become one intertwined heart.

We, the guests; family and friends are honored today
To share in these moments, forever, in our memories to stay.
The wedding is a start on the road to married bliss;
Just remember to always end an argument with a kiss!

They bask in their love for each other and we can feel it’s glow,
Love made manifest with a child the world to show.
Our prayers to keep them safe and secure in their love
We ask in earnest entreaty for them, from above.

Dearest children of ours – a beautiful little family,
All our sincere wishes to you for the future together to be;
Loving, patient, thoughtful, truthful, respectful, forgiving and kind
Laugh often, be happy, your precious love together, will forever bind.

MUM xx


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