Love is…

by | Aug 21, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Love is that inner most feeling
The very essence of your soul
A love to be shared with everyone
A love that makes you whole

Love is that feeling you get
As your heart skips a beat
When you know you’ve met your soul mate
The very first time you meet

Love is the unconditional feeling
Between parent and child
A love that is so unbreakable
Even though they drive you wild

Love is heard in the laughter
From children while they play
Love is the good night kiss that’s given
At the end of a fun filled day

Love is that feeling we sense
When our Angels are close by
Caused by the loving breeze
From their wings as they fly

Love is that wonderful atmosphere
In the room on Christmas day
As you celebrate the season
In your own unique way

Love is what your pet shows
When you’ve been at work all day
And they come and greet you
In their special little way

Love is the prayers we send to our soldiers
Or in letters written from the heart
Giving them the strength to carry on
Whilst we are miles apart

Love is that magical feeling we share
When our soldiers have come home
Free at last from the sand pits
Safe and no longer alone

So open your heart to this feeling
And let the love flow in
Help make this world a better place
Now is the time to begin


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