Love Resurrected

by | Sep 16, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

When with the deep sincerity and trust
Of youth, I gave my heart, receiving one,
Then hopes, ideals, ambitions, all which must
Bloom once in human life before the sun

Of love’s first dream, sprang into blossoms rare
And wonderful, tinged with the rosy light
Of hidden joys, and all the loving care
Hid in my heart and fierce desire to fight

The scornful laughter and the mocking voice.
The flame within my breast made me rejoice
And with exultant laughter I ran on
Into the pearly mists to find love gone.

The misty perfume of star-dusted rapture
Was torn and dragged away before my eyes
And all the mirage I could not recapture
Was pointed out with scorn to be but lies.

Gone were the hopes, ideals, and all ambition.
Quenched was the flame whose leaping was my breath
And life became existence with no mission
To make it bearable: I prayed for death.

The cool dark sanctuary of your presence beckoned
To my fevered fancies, and the tortured second
Shortened. My anguished heart-ache lost it’s pain.
The wind ceased wailing. Love had come again.

Like the cool sweetness of a bluebell dell
After the blistering heat of unspent flames,
The calm of unstirred waters, when the knell
Of sinking ships and the bitter salt remains.

The starlit indigo of windless nights.
The peace and quiet away from city lights.
This sweet content you bring me makes me say
This love has depth and love has come to stay.


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