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I wait for you
Under the tree that once haunted you
I wrote you a song
Just in case you changed your mind
And if you decide to fade away
I will join you
From under this tree, I will follow you
Into the darkness, hand in hand
We shall ride the night forever.

When I first laid my eyes on you
I knew the way we would go
I saw your broken mirrors
And they reflected your life
The sad years
The empty youth quickly forgotten
I knew you
My lover
My friend
And now I lay beneath your monster
Your over bearing father incarnated .

I hope i hold no fear
Because the night is still young
And the stars are waiting for the show
And we can’t let them down now
We will just close our eyes
And think of the love we hold in memory
Please be strong for me she says
And I will be strong for you
Because soon our problems will be over
And the mourners will dream
As we look down on them
They will dream

How can I doubt you
My lover
My friend
We will be together
Until the end
I will hold no fear
Because my love is pure
And I love you so.


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