Loves Fairyland

by | May 5, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

What are your thoughts and dreams in slumber deep?
As the smile on your face, shows secrets keep
The restless turn, the dark look on your face,
Mirrors the moon, and stars that pale clouds chase.

Where are you now, as you give gentle moans?
Whilst the dark silent night modulates tones
Do you then wander through portholes of love?
Known only by Gods, and Angels above.

Am I in this dream that disturbs your sleep?
In a dark land where even Angels weep
Do you moan in pleasure of someones kiss?
Then curl into a ball, with snarl and hiss.

You know I love you, as much as can be!
So why dont you share your deep dreams with me?
Lying awake as my dread starts forming
Hoping youll still love me, come the morning.

My eyes start to close; sleeps wizard takes hold
Till I stand afraid in land that is cold
Then, feeling the warmth of your soft hand
I slip away, to loves sweet fairyland.

I love you dearly!


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