Loving Embrace

by | Jan 6, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

Love is defined in so many ways
Sometimes hard to understand
It maybe just a look from across the room
Or a meaningful wave of the hand
As many feel that love is just for the young
But that is a myth I’m sure
For love is within everybody in some form
From life until death or evermore
But picture if you will the image
Of two young persons in love
Happy with their life in every form
As tho’ floating on clouds up above
But then out of the blue the realism
That parents they are likely to be
Another step on the road of life
Towards maturity
And then there are anxious moments
Will it be a young girl or a boy
Though it matter not to most couples
As their worlds will now fill with joy
And now through this happy union
The young mother is able to give birth
And fulfil their love with a child of their own
More precious than Gold in worth
So love can be fulfilled in many different ways
Perhaps help others when they are in need
For there are many less fortunate in life
Where fate has barred there way to succeed
And if you picture an infant in a Mother’s arms
Cocooned in her loving care to be able to live
So think hard of those that you know are in need
And embrace them with all the love you can give.


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