Lust as a woman might percieve it

by | May 11, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

O my sweetest friend, as we spend these crazy days
Tell me truth! No devious lies and fickle ways
Is this the heaven you have sought forever long?
As in arms you languish, promising love so strong.

We spend these crazy carefree days just making love
Please promise me that this is truth, by God above
No devious fickle lies that may hurt my heart
Please love me darling, as promised from the start.

Theres a terrible aching in my heart of hearts
That all your longing vows of love, right from the start
Are fickle, and though beguiling, are really lies
For in your eyes that speak, I see no sign of ties.

So wicked breaker of maidens promised vow
Where do you seek to lay another virgin cow?
For constant is your fickle name now to the fore
Day will come, of devious lying ways no more.

The Gods above, work their wondrous ways here on earth
In faithful balance of a womens earthly worth
Will deprive constant seekers of the lustful sin
To place joy of real love: In the Viagra bin.


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