Majesties of life

by | Apr 2, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

We walk this road together
through great majesties of life.
We witness signs of beauty
yet tarnished still by strife.

We see the snowy mountains
and the darkest forests green.
We see mighty waterfalls
that most folk have never seen.

We see new birth of children
be they yellow, black or white.
We see the good and evil,
and we see the dead with sight.

Volcano then erupting
with its embers glowing red.
Terrorist sacked village
Littered now with dead.

We see a dying baby
in its Mother’s arms quite still.
Then a plague of Locust,
Have the farmers had their fill?

Village with just black water,
see the poison taking hold.
Children no longer wanted
Turned out in freezing cold.

This is OUR world of people,
of the mighty and the weak,
That flows through life’s dark river,
and down a deep dark creek.

God forgive us!


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