Maltese Peace

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

I live on an island called Malta you know
not far from its shores is the island Gozzo
The people are friendly and love to just chat
We talk about nothing about this about that

I used to live here a long time ago
I lived in Attard with my family just so
There were 5 of us kids with my dad as the boss
Unless Mum got angry and said she was cross

My sisters were lively and beauties each one
They swam in the sea and lay in the sun
They loved to come visit from the convent back home
I can’t say its name (full of nuns they called gnomes)

Our Dad and our Mum were fantastic to us
They argued sometimes but rarely a fuss
They’d laugh and they’d cry and they’d love us so much
They’d spoil us rotten and other things such

The sun shines all day except if it rains
But even then steam seems to rise from the lanes
We all have been soaked at one time or another
Even young Peter the girls little brother

And so I am off with my memories fair
To think of my sisters and a time of no care
My sleepy face smiles as the night lets me sleep
And I pray to the lord that my soul he will keep


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