May of 03

by | Mar 30, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

When i think of my grandmother
I think of wheelchairs and yarn
And i think of how far she could have gone
If she hadnt lost her mind
Because she fell down and hit her head
All her hopes and dreams are now dead
She cant even remember the name of her favorite song
Which was by Bob Dylan, called Going, Going, Gone
She used to be able to cook greater than anyone else
Too bad she doesnt even know she still lives in her house
She cant drive a car, or spend time with me
For she lost her mind in may of 03′
I wish my grandmother was still here to stay
But now all her memory has gone away
I miss her like the moon misses the sun
For now we can never have any fun
She just sits there all day and stares blankly away
At something that we’ll never be able to see
For she lost her mind in may of 03′


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