Me Not You

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

I hear the engines gunning and know we’ll soon be running
I’ll be sprinting to my cover like a child towards its mother
I smell the stench of fear and the whispered prayers I hear
I hear the angels singing as the shells they are a ringing
I see the mist is pouring in and feel the weight of all our sin
I need to feel the silent safety of my oppo known as matey
I feel my blood run faster but I must obey my master
I feel the weapon firing it’s a sound that’s now reviling
I feel my tears come streaming as I hear my target screaming
I see my victims children and I’m haunted by this vision
I hear my oppos crying in our pits at night we’re lying
I feel the rush of fear as the round goes off too near
I felt the loss today as my soul it slipped away
I knew my heart was dying as my brain would not stop lying
I feel all this and just because you say it is a worthy cause
I feel all this for you today don’t turn your cheek the other way
I feel such pain inside this shell you did this so you go to hell


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