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Come on Meggy
Ease your troubled mind
Come on now Meggy
Give yourself peace of mind
I can feel it when you sleep
I can hear your heart miss a beat
but Meggy
You can’t fight alone anymore

I can trace the lonely nights
Through the dark side of your life
That’s when you cry out
And I want to help
I can help you though I know
Which way you have to go
But till then Meg
I’ll stay beside you

Now come on Meggy
Put your hand in mine
Now come on Meggy
Try to make it please this time

I can only hold you tight
I can’t reach into your night
I can only watch and wait
Here with you
Didn’t know you lying there
So young so sweet so fair
With that crowded look
Moving past your eyes

Didn’t know what it meant
That look of sweet content
And that young girl’s smile
Was all I’d ever know

Your gone now Meggy
No tears for your smile
Your gone now Meggy
I’ll sit here for a while

Know I can hold you tight
But I can’t reach into your night
And feel the sorrow
you felt long a go

Meggy Oh Meggy
I love you you can’t go
Meggy Meggy
Your love I’ll always know


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