Melodious Intent

by | Apr 10, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

So listen to the rhythm of the falling rain
And see if therein a message lies
For the gentle tip tap on the window pane
Which you can readily melodise
And add the words you want to hear
Come forth to you once again
And you have now created a Ballad
The Rhythm of the Falling Rain
For this is surely one method
Of how songs come to start
And depict our innermost feelings
Or matters of the heart
Wherein we may soar above the clouds
Or merely float on the crest of a wave
But sometimes wallow in a mire
Strange how our minds behave
Not really knowing which way to turn
For ’tis all written in the book of life
Experience is the way to learn
How we overcome trouble and strife
To identify your inner desires
To choose which path is right
Then you can sit at your friendly computer
And compose love songs all through the night.


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