Memorial Day U S A

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In the United States of America
Many many years ago
War was waged between North and South
As all Americans know
A long and bitter internal struggle
And many lives on both sides were lost
Once again the overall result
Achieved by human lives being the cost
Time passed by and peace was restored
A nation again as one
Hopefully returning to former status
As tho this war had never begun
Then later the Southern States paid homage
To honour those lives lost in Civil War
And after World War 2 inspired Union States
To form Decoration Day a memorial evermore
This was a day for a Nation to remember and recognize
The extreme sacrifice of American Military personnel
They fought to save their Country’s shores
And other nations safety as well
At later date the name was changed
To “ Memorial Day” as recognized today
In 1971 decreed to become an Annual Federal Holiday
Each year on the last Monday in May
The Stars & Stripes will fly at half –mast
From dawn until noon on that day
Relatives visit Cemeteries and Memorials
Throughout the whole of the U S of A
And now things are changing in the modern world
With family gatherings and sporting events as well
But all carried out with reverence on this special day
And the wearing of White is noticeable so I’ve heard tell
By tradition this is also the first day of Summer
Perhaps another cause for celebration
But firstly and foremost it’s a Day of Remembrance
For those Americans who gave their lives for the Nation


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