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The thoughts which we have in our conscious mind
Are the thoughts that we think every day
But these soon sink into the subconscious
And we may think that they’ve gone away

If this were true this could be a blessing
For some of our thoughts were unkind
And they could come back to haunt us
When memory brings them back to mind

But some of our thoughts can be pleasant
When we think of the good times we’ve known
And the kind thoughts which once filled our minds
And the sweet memories into which they have grown

Unfortunately all of our memories are not pleasant
Some remind us of trouble and strife
And whilst we may try to put these from our mind
Our memory reminds us of these events in our life

We cannot decide what we will remember
Or to select those things that we will forget
For we would only remember the nice things
And forget all the things we regret

There is only one way we can control this
By making sure that our deeds are all kind
For then we shall have no fear of what we remember
When memory brings them back to our mind


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