Memories of Dad

by | Jan 28, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

I remember when I was really small
I looked up at him, he was ten foot tall
He played with me and made me smile
These memories of a little child……..

He taught me how to play football
He picked me up when I would fall
He encouraged me in all I did
These memories of a little kid…………

He told me what is wrong and right
And not to run but to stand and fight
He told me off when I was bad
These memories of a growing lad………

He steered me towards a good career
He bought me my first ‘official’ beer
He prepared me as much as a person can
The memories of a naive young man……….

He supported me in what I did and tried
My achievements filled this man with pride
“Nobodies perfect he would often say”
These memories from yesterday……….

And then he left so suddenly
No more to chat, no more to see
But for the special time I’m really glad
These memories of my loving Dad………….

(Bill Dickson 1944 – 2010)


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