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I’m a long way from home and I’m missing you so,
But your letters keep me going, as on the march I go,
There’s a job to be done, and until the battle’s won,
I’ll hang on to my memories of you.

Though I’m often cold and frightened, I won’t let the fear show,
Thoughts of you will give me strength to see it all through,
I won’t let the marching tire me, ‘cause your love for me inspires me,
And I still have my memories of you.

A hero I will be,
Fighting hard for queen and country,
I will make you feel so proud of me,
I’ll wear my uniform with pride,
A lion heart will beat inside,
I’ll fight on till the people are free.

And when I come marching home, I’ll hear them cheering for me,
I’ll think back to the fighting, and what I’ve been through,
We raised a flag and thought of home,
But I was never alone,
While I had all my memories – of you.


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