Memories of You

by | Jan 1, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Across the canvas of my mind, subtle brushstrokes glide,
Effortlessly recreating you, a texture and contour ride,
Visually exploding texture and tone, shape themselves around you,
A 3-dimensional re-incarnation, no one but I can view,

Your elegance, your beauty, the looks I still adore,
A lonely tear appears then grows, and runs down to my jaw,
Straining my mind, searching inside, for details I may have missed,
Challenging my thought patterns, perfection I once kissed,

A sound outside rudely interrupts, I know not what or care,
Only that it clouds my painting, over-running your looks so fair,
The fading image spirals down, into obscurity and away,
Concentration will not work, another time? Another day?


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