Men of Steel (HMS Sheffield)

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Poetry | 0 comments

Midst cruising ‘round – ‘The Gulf’ – (Arabia)
Neath cloudless sky; I chanced to dream of Home
Whilst picturing her face (Ophelia)
I wondered just how far I dared to roam
Twas then that Captain Salt (like condiment)
Didst shake me from my slumber o’er Tannoy
“Attention” was required from complement
Of crew, who now were ordered to deploy
Tis ‘Falklands’ we are bound and no mistake
Tho some had noted date, (no April’s fool)
‘Ascension Isles’ our journey we would break
Last staging post to top up; add more fuel
A ‘Task Force’ then prepared to sail due South
From ‘Blighty’ with all ‘hands’ now hearts-in-mouth
As part of Air Defence Screen (T-E-Zee)
Protecting of our ‘Flagship’ from attack
Positioned ‘head of Fleet (as one of three)
Perchance we may be strafed, at least take flak
From out of blue a ‘Super E’ would swoop
Releasing ‘Exocet’ on starboard side
When missile hit, no chance to then regroup
Thru fighting fire, midst acrid smoke “we fried”
Our ‘Sister’ Ships came bravely to our aid
At risk themselves from secondary strike
Here, saving lives of comrades far outweighed
Known perils from the air and sea alike
Tho I was plucked from superstructure’s blaze
Such screams yet haunt my Soul; on mind still preys


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