Men of Steel

by | Jun 10, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

you men of steel
do you really know how i feel.
im a deep soul
nice to you

but hey hell right
iraq i believe in
but ill stay here tonight
even if thats a sin

i love my country
so whats new
expcept the poems
and feeling blue

well mr my god aint short of cash
neither my soul of love
so lets do the lash
fly free our dove

and hope it returns
i can feel your stress
inside a light in my heart burns
yes im honest no less

trust me im ex guards
company of so hards
now all i get is greive

told off once again
ill be better one day
ill kill someone to feel sane
but now im a civvy ill have my say

killing is nessecary
i grew to like it
now i avoid the leary
dont get the car but hike it

leap into my head
but christ dont you dare
bring hate into my sweethearts bed

need a wheelbarrow shes so sweet
shes my rock
keeps me on my feet
lets hope our hearts lock


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