Message from god

by | Apr 22, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Up in the sky
Were you will rest when you die
so they so say it’s a happy place
The world we live in today
Is our hell
And when you lose someone
God is telling you to move on even though you have to pay
God in your sorrow and hate until you are out of his debt
Or you have changed your ways.

Everything is done for a reason and
People die because they have either done
What they were put on this earth for
Or they have done something they can not get out of
Its time to say good bye to the ones you love
But let’s just say we have no time to stand and stare
So get out there and do what you have to and if you are lucky
You be able to live happy till the end of your days
And god will leave to do what you wish but stay in his good books


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