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It just the same when our governments fail
Whether in Iraq or Pashendale

Lack of equipment or armoured jeep
A review of support, Words are cheap
Inquest held within our shores
Don’t make a fuss, it’s behind closed doors
A short inquest, let time pass
Kick the issue into long grass

No air conditioning or medical staff
Run out of tablets are they having a laugh?

Jet lagged, given gun poorly maintained
Then sent off, to the firing range

Lack of sleep, but in good health
Can’t be fate that he shot himself

Land rovers blown up on roads dark and pitted
We have an electronic device, but of course it’s not fitted.

Ten men lost, no longer to come home
Because they lacked, explosion-suppressant foam

‘Systemic failure in the chain of command’
Is this why our men die? In a hot foreign land


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