Military Medics

by | Apr 9, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

When the call comes in I go out, no matter what the danger I will answer the shout
No matter the weather, the terrain or enemy fire, to save my comrade in arms I will always go out
I may be ordered to go to war, to answer the call off the fallen I will not ignore
Not for Queen or country nor politician lies, these cowardly people won’t go off and die
For the troops on the ground and their families back home, I will proudly do my duty and forever roam
With a medical pack upon my back, the devotion to our troops, I will not lack
The unknown dangers that I have to face, I will do my best to get troops back to base
No matter the wound, large or small, send out the SOS and I will answer the call
Trained to save life and I hope I do, but in order to do that I may take life too
Battlefield or ward I will walk my beat, hoping to give relief to all I meet
To patch up a wound or relieve the pain, through my duties I may be slain
But I will do my job right to the end, to hospitals of safety our troops I will send
Enemy land or rough going seas, in the think of action you will find me
We do our best and try to cope, for our fallen comrades we’re their last hope
Our sense of humour may be strange, but it’s what we’ve got to deal with the strain
Please forgive us if we become a strain, but who do we turn to when we feel others pain
Air, sea and land we can be found, a willing medic will be on the ground


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