Military mother

by | Apr 19, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

My child nearly two to hospital I went
So sick was she.
Little did I know what to expect
Nor the way you would treat me.

You knew who I was, but did not know me.
You treated me differently from the other mothers
In the ward that night you see.

Do you remember what you said to me
In my hours of need?
“Military mothers? They should not be!”

Did you bother to look me in the eye?
Did you see the unspoken sadness and pain?
Another part of me had just died that night, in vain.

All you saw was a military mother walking tall,
Determined not to fall again.
But not once did you stop and think,
That the thoughts and feelings that I
Held so deep
Didn’t differ to any other mother.

Were you with that military mother when
She went outside that night
And shouted at him up there with all
Her might?

I don’t care what you do to me.
Talk about all out war.
I traded my life for my child’s
To settle the score

You’re not having my child do you hear?
Your son, born to the world this night.
This little miracle of mine who I hold so dear

You have to let go, understand
Let me make that clear

Christmas day was borne
And my child began to get better.
I had fought like any other mother
So nurse, a military mother you may
Have seen, but you let me down.
You weren’t there for me,
As you Should have been.


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