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She was always there from the start she held close to her proud heart she even sorted out your cuts and grazes even coped with those upset tums those wonderful people the….. Military Mums. They can be soft as feathers or do a rager that will put to shame the biggest Sergeant Major. As you grew up she sheltered you from harm, sorted you out when you broke your arm, she was always “don’t do as I do, do as I say but she always kept you out of harms way.

As you become an adult and decide to join the army she shouts and screams “are you completely barmy”!! “Don’t worry mum I just need to find my way and after all these years it’s my turn to keep you out of harms way. Passed out as a soldier, an infantryman no less he’s learned some discipline his room will never again be in a mess. Secretly you’re proud as punch when he joins his regiment he says his mates are all crazy but they are a great bunch.

Then it comes the news you have dreading to hear “ mum I’m off to the “Ghan” at the end of the year” He tells you not to worry the training and his mates will see him through, but you will still worry till he’s back and standing next to you.

His emails and photos keep coming he’s doing well as he fights the enemy in a place they call hell. Coming home on R & R embarrassed in front of his mates when he steps off the plane and there you are. Don’t take it to heart, its just what they do, you can be assured your soldier son really loves you.

At the end of the tour he’s safe and sound, learning to cope, he’s lost some mates on the hellish Afghan battle ground. Now he’s on his way home he should start to unwind and become the son you knew before, as you wait patiently for him to come through the door. He’s on his way to back you, the one and only awesome super Military Mum


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