Military Nursing

by | Aug 26, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

A Tribute to your Mother
Though she’s no longer with you here
Reflects the love and high esteem
Held by you year on year
As you display the words she wrote
For all on here to see
The story of her Service life
In perfectly rhyming poetry
And when her rhyme had finished
You follow with words of your own
This time about your Service life
And experiences you had known
It demonstrates quite clearly
The power of words in verse
To create a virtual image
Of Service life as a Military Nurse
For they’re often the unsung heroes
In many Theatres of War
They carry and treat the casualties
Often wondering how many more
Young men and women will need their help
Before the return of Peace
When once again they’ll return to these shores
And the need for life saving Nurses will cease


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