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You’d have thought at this stage, that it wasn’t the wage,
Of the war or the way that it’s fought,
It’s infinitely better to predict the weather,
Than to give in to pragmatic thought.

Of centuries past, and punishments cast,
Of creatures poisoned at sea,
Is this the race and above all, the pace,
To set targets for children to see.

We’ve come all this way, arrived at the day,
2000 technologies stronger,
Computers are rife, space travel is nice,
And man’s lifespan is many times longer.

Yet still in our soul, our forefather’s goal,
Their instincts we cannot let rest,
We slaughter each other for land, God or brother,
The circle we thought we knew best.

So let’s start anew and try all we can,
To work in the same direction,
We’ve got where we are, a struggle so far,
Let’s loose hate and practice affection.

It’s forward we look, to chapter our book,
Sowing our dreams to reap later,
Let’s truthfully say, on our dying day,
“I’m ready to meet my Maker”


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