Mind Out

by | May 19, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

We proudly serve our Queen and Realm,
Many years of taking crap, shafted even
You know what I mean, starting out fresh faced
Finishing up a cynical wreck
Remembering the mind games you used to play whilst on stag,
We actually imagine folks back home give a shit,
We think at the end, we will be welcomed back with open arms
Dream on matey, they’re only interested in themselves,
Main gate or trench, all the same really, 2 on 4 off,
Watching, looking out, looking after,
Who’s mess are we going to clear up this time,
Is it just a political gamble, or is our country really in danger,
Sorry guy’s we’ll just have to make do, lack of equipment,
Sorry guy’s we’ll have to stay another few months,
Sorry guy’s can’t get the spares for another 10 weeks,
Sorry guy’s, the tour’s been brought forward by 6 months,
But its alright, we’ll make do,
Then one day its all over, hand in kit and face the unknown,
Here’s my CV, proudly depicting my colour service,
Look at where I’ve been, who I’ve helped,
Look at my shooting skills,
Look at my Service education, my promotion,
I was a Sergeant, I was a WO2,
Very good Sonny, I am sure, can you use a brush?
Watch out, here comes Corporal Cluck,
Slow down will you, this is civvy street,
You are starting out again, just 22 years too late,
But the memories…At least you are in one piece.
Or are you…


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