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Friends every which way, but all alone
Exploring fields and woodlands
Making sense of time and space
Sunlight reflecting on the water

Losing time beside the stream
Small hands making ripples in the flow
Minnows dart from searching fingers
Brown trout lurking in the shade

Wandering far and wide
Through wheat and barley
Over hill and dale and meadow
But all roads lead to home

Stand outside the slatted fence
Watch the other children play
I long to join the noisy throng
Maybe next year when I´m five!

The blacksmiths forge, glowing red and white
Hammer blows that work the iron shoe
Smell of burning hooves that sears the nostrils
Hissing water kills the heat

Giant pines invite to climb
The shock of unexpected flight
Spreading limbs retard my fall
Earth rushes up to greets me

Impacted lungs expelling air
Cry and scream, but not a sound
Struggling to breathe, bulging eyes
Suddenly catching breathe, elation

I did not die, but little consolation
Bleeding wounds and throbbing pain
Limping home for tea and sympathy
The warmth of loving arms

A mother´s hug soothes the pain
Elastoplast to cover bleeding sores
A badge of courage to the world
Damaged pride the deepest wound

Sundown time for rest, exhausted
Instant sleep renews the spirit
Dream of fun and woes
Ready to meet the new day


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