Missing you

by | Nov 26, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Every day I think of you
In this land of green and blue
I miss your smile and silken skin
Imagine you safe our home within

The days they come and soon they go
It’s hot and wet and traffic slow
So many nations hear with me
But it’s your face each day I see

Amongst the filth and chaos here
The children hide behind a tear
I pass amongst them for a while
With thoughts of you to make me smile

We head up country jungle bound
The people desperate all around
My jeep is white and beret blue
And still my every thought is you

The home I love is far away
But here for now I must stay
To help these people where I can
And hurry back a better man

My Birthday kisses will be sweet
Saved for you amongst this heat
Be strong for us while we’re apart
My every love that fills my heart

John Davies
Liberia 2008


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