Mixed Emotions

by | Aug 30, 2007 | Poetry | 0 comments

Mixed emotions from within
A cultured land and fighting whim
The life I know is on a strong
A puppet ordered everything.

£300 quid for freedoms shout
But all my hopes are turned to doubt
A wall to climb that’s made of brass
Yet I’m thrown back down onto broken glass

How can life again be filled?
When friends alike are being killed…
Depression high and bodies tense
In a world beyond a barbed wire fence

For freedom, pride or dignity?
It’s just a crying shame
The truth is power and currency
In the form of an M.p’s game

It’s time to quit and start a new
To the way of life I hardly knew…
… Office blocks and crowded towns
Free from blood and exploding rounds

I was willing to fight and perhaps even die
For the country I loved but I didn’t know why
To this very day, I still don’t have the answer
So I’ve hung up my boots as a 16th/5th Lancer

May God bless the Queen all her heirs and successors
And may Britain be safe from the threatening dictators
I will as in duty still take pride in Britain
But for me war is over, and I hope you will listen.


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