Monarch with a full ‘Rack’

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Poetry | 0 comments

Majestic in his stance ‘au natural’
Doth roar out loud, to all who browse nearby
Should they in turn have thoughts; irrational
Inciting of his wrath, in ‘non comply’
Our ‘King of all surveyed’ may bide his time
Whilst slowly raising ‘rack’ (of antlers) proud
Displaying of his strength in honoured sign
Resulting in young upstart’s head now cowed
Such action as engaged midst autumn ‘rut’
On canvas then didst capture scene as played
All faith in ‘Stag near prime’ – (hinds) will hath put
Our ‘seer’ of said lands; in oils portrayed
Victoriana’s patronage was gained
Yet bowed his head to no-one whilst he reigned


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