Morning Rush Hour Chaos

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London, 7th July 2005
Commuters hurrying here and there
Just trying to get to work on time
Except for four with time to spare

These four had a different plan
One with evil in mind
A plan that would be so devastating
Cruel and devilishly unkind

Arriving at London’s underground
They went their separate ways
Each with a bag of death on their back
They were ready to die that day

Amongst the hustle and bustle
Three of them board their chosen trains
Commuters unaware of the dangers
That some would never see daylight again

The final one heads above the ground
To take a city bus
Pushing his way through queues of people
He’s late so has to rush

As each train sets out on its journey
Watches are synchronised and primed
At 08:50 all hell lets loose
Their plan almost perfectly timed

Explosions are heard and a blinding flash seen
The electricity suddenly cuts off
Those lucky to survive the blasts
Were now beginning to cough

Thick smoke filling the tunnels
Fire balls blazing with rage
The dead, and the injured are trapped inside
Like animals trapped in a cage

Panic ensued amid screams and shouts
No one could tell them the truth
That something had been unleashed that day
An evil so ruthless and uncouth

One man was trapped inside a hole
Edges too jagged that he couldn’t get out
The torn metal strewn with his own blood
He tries so hard to shout

He’s scared that he will die alone
Helpless and afraid
Hoping a stranger will hear his plea
All he can do is pray

People try to take control
Trying to keep survivors calm
But they have no clue as to what has gone on
Or how many passengers are harmed

Survivors from another train
Race along the track
Stepping over carnage and bodies
Too frightened to turn back

Emergency aid workers battling hard
To reach survivors trapped inside
Determination keeping them focussed
Whilst the darkness obscures their eyes

The further they go inside the tunnels
They see people injured and maimed
Faces burned and clothes ripped off
Limbs which will never be claimed

One hour later an unsuspecting bus takes a detour
Away from the mayhem on the underground
Suddenly passengers down below
Hear an ear splitting sound

The roof of the bus has been ripped off
The bomber is killed in the blast
Innocent people their lives now ended
They never knew that this day was their last

52 people died this day
Because of a desire for martyrdom
But the ones who did this they’d have no remorse
For the 52 innocent lives now gone

The 750 who were injured and maimed
Their memory of this day is much worse
They’ll never forget those horrific moments
For them this memory’s a curse

For all those who died on this day
May they rest in peace

For those who survived this day
Pray that you have found peace

Thanks to all those services who worked so hard to help these people
God Bless you All


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