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We will die because we must…and not because we could.
The leaves…they fall…summer recedes…
Mankind lends license to its deeds…
But ambition dwindles in the dust of disquiet and falsehood.

The years they bring us ever near to the time when death we meet.
Blissful the life that has not known
The loves and hopes that were full thrown
Into the pit of abject fear…and mordant, cruel deceit.

Yet…we should strive to chance life’s quest to matters moderate.
To face whatever comes to be…
With strength…and pride…and dignity…
Show courage unto travail’s behest…and trust living’s fair estate.

How will you die when you are brought to the celestial view?
With gentle whispers in the hushed background…
Or with clashing cymbals and the big band sound…
To mark your arrival at the court of Mortality’s adieu?

We will live because we may…and not because we can.
The benefits of life to share…
To comfort those who are in despair,
And to cherish every living day…within our mortal span.


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