Mother and Daughter

by | Jul 26, 2011 | Poetry | 0 comments

I watch them both together, such a difference in their years,
Though my heart is full of happiness, my eyes are filled with tears,
My mother and my daughter, so precious both to me,
One who’s always with me, the other I hardly see.

That it’s been so long, is not through choice, but my duty as an army wife
Twelve houses in as many years, it’s been a hectic life!
Mother’s hair of silver, daughter’s hair of gold,
Intertwined together, so beautiful to behold!

As they share a loving secret, no one else can share
Playing in a special world, free from strife and care
I wish things were very different, that we weren’t so far away
That my two most special people, could forever play this way.

I’ve watched them both grow closer, as each day of leave goes by,
And I dread the awful moment when its time to say goodbye.
With promises to “come back soon” which we know we cannot keep
The pain of separation hurts so bad it makes us weep.

For I don’t know how long it’s going to be till I reunite with Mum,
And the longer we have to be apart, the older we become
Being army children, she cannot watch them as they grow,
And our children sadly rarely see the sweet lady that I know.

But while were serving overseas, there’s little that we can do,
It’s a matter of army life, that families grow accustomed to
Along with frequent postings and threats to security,
Rare visits with our families are part of the reality

Dear Mum I’m sure you know by now that “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”
Though you’re “out of sight” you’re never “out of mind”, wherever we must wander.
But it scares me how the time ticks by
At such an alarming rate
So I hope the Army soon posts us home,
Before it gets too late….


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