Mother dear Mother

by | Jul 24, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

Mother help me please I’m cold and hurt and bleeding, I’m all alone and lost, please take me home dear Mother.
It’s getting dark I’m in trouble now, I’m sorry Mother, I will eat my supper and go to bed, it’s hurting a lot dear Mother.
Don’t tell Father he will be mad, my trousers are ripped and my head is bleeding, please sing me a lullaby, I’m your
baby boy dear Mother.
My eyes are open but I cannot see, why do you leave me here to cry? I love you Mother.
The pain is so bad I cannot breathe, please bathe my wounds and make it go dear Mother.
I hear you Mother I knew you would come, please dry my tears, I love you so dear Mother.

“Sergeant you’ve missed a body over here, bag it and tag it.”


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