Motorway Madness

by | Oct 24, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Miles of concrete three lanes wide
Spreadeagled right across
The British countryside
Mile after mile of cars in a row
Where are they going no-one seems to know
Articulated Lorries and vans by the score
One or two drivers breaking the Law
Staring through the screen
Ever awaiting the chance
To display all their illegal skills
As from lane to lane they dance
Joined now and then by Motor Cyclists
As in and out they weave
In order to get to the front of the queue
But what do they ever achieve
They save a few minutes on a journey
At speeds sometimes horrific
Creating for some an early untimely death
To become yesterday’s statistic
Now add to this some rain or snow
And conditions really get worse
With dirt and grime on the windscreen
Causing many a driver to curse
When over-taken by a Lorry
Perhaps whose mud flaps are missing that day
Creating a drivers nightmare
Being covered by a tumultuous spray
Evening now and streetlights are on
Albeit only here and there
Another excellent reason
For driving with the utmost care
But still there are the reckless ones
Without any thought or compunction
Who drive along like a Demon from Hell
‘till they reach their specified Junction
Then they cross three lanes
Putting others at risk
To join the slip road very late
What is the need for their hurry
It is hard to speculate
To the ordinary discerning driver
Driving on the inside lane
Merely using the time it takes
To drive home safely again
They are pleased to return to the Urban roads
Tho’ they view reckless driving with sadness
With a sigh of relief as they walk indoors
Away from the Motorway Madness.


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