“Mourning Slumber.”

by | Apr 28, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Yet from deep sleep could not wondrous wake
Sweet and tender child for pity sake
Her dear mind and soul drifts now in space
Across her eyes sits a veil of lace.

Born then of a Royal King and Queen
Beauty, the likes never before seen
With silk flaxen hair and eyes of blue
Her sparkling smile that was just so true.

Happened it on a night in spring
At that time when all the lovebirds sing
When moon drifts by on gossamer lace
And God looks down on love’s meeting place.

Upon his great horse, her beau rode fast
To meet with her, yet the hour was past
At a speed that far defeats the brain
His thoughts, was then to cause her no pain.

A slip, a curse and then a tumble
His horse did fall, though it so humble
Young man’s head split by a jagged stone
And he lay quite still, dead and alone.

They buried him in hole so deep
For to sleep the never ending sleep
The lass he loved cried in bitter pain,
And to this day, never spoke again.

They say she lies in black mourning gown
With no movement, not even a frown
Yet has been told, that some nights in spring
She moves her lips when the lovebirds sing.

Yes! It happens on some nights in spring
At the times when all those lovebirds sing
As moon drifts by on gossamer lace
God looks down upon her sleeping face.


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