Mr. Brown

by | Feb 23, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

Prime minister forgive me if
Your good name I might sully
But is it true that there are times
You turn into a bully?

I’ve never hit or hurt someone
It’s very true good fellow
Although I sometimes have been known
To raise my voice and bellow

But there are stories Mr Brown
That things get thrown about
And if the mood gets darker sir
You do much more than shout

Now look here fellow and take care
I do not like your tone
If you persist in goading me
I’ll break a bloody bone

Now Mr Brown that is not you
Your temper you can keep
You’ve told me so a hundred times
“Shut up now not a peep!”

I took my leave of number 10
Before the man got rough
And feeling that his many staff
Had put up with enough


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