Mr Mozzie

by | Feb 14, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Goes the squaddie

Mr Mozzie is back in town
And he feels like buzzing around
He will go in your ears
And make that sound

You raise your hand to smack him away
It’s instinct to move him away
As you smack the side of your head
Hoping Mr Mozzie is dead

But Mr Mozzie ain’t dead
He’s 2 feet away
P****** himself laughing
Look at the squaddie
All lumps and bumps
Who now looks like he has the hump?

You spray on the mozzie rep
It goes in your eyes
And you start to cry
Oh F*** my eye

Mr Mozzie has friends
Millions to be precise
They look at the menu
It just happens to be you
And you taste just like chicken?

You put on your mozzie net
This will often be to your regret
As Mr Mozzie sends in the specials
Equipped with net cutting gear
They will often re-appear
On the inside of your net
Goes the squaddie


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