Much deserved praise

by | Sep 24, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

To those who have served, and the ones who now serve
It’s time you get the praise you deserve
If not for people like you and me
There’s no telling in what condition, this country would be
When you left, your brothers, sisters, wives, mothers, fathers, had to live in fear,
Of what might happen to someone they love so dear
They were oh so proud of you,
You had come to this country’s rescue
The pay was lousy, and the days were rough
But you withstood it because you were tough
You had to do things in this war you did not want to do,
But the enemy did not leave the choices up to you
You worry that you don’t think of your family and friends as much as you should
But we know you must think mostly of the enemy, as they would kill you if they could
We know you have developed a new family while there
And with them you we will share, after all we cannot be there
You worry how you will be received when you return home
Well most will not know how to say what they feel toward you, but it will show by each flag you see flown, when you return home
We owe you our right to freedom
Now when you return, with all the respect you so well deserve, please feel free to continue your life with all its glory and boredom
Thanks to you we may all rest
And by God, may you be blest


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