My Angel Valentine

by | Feb 13, 2009 | Poetry | 0 comments

Our love has lived forever
Across the sands of time
I travelled through the Universe
To be your Valentine

But when I reach your earthly home
Without me you have found
I watch you from some distance
This time I’m not around

For I was just an Angel
You now in human form
We couldn’t be together
It wasn’t quite ‘ The Norm ‘

You running through the golden corn
Beside you Bluebirds sing
My love for you so powerful
My tears they wet my wings

I wish that I could reach out
And hold your velvet hands
But a frontier lies between us
We exist in different lands

But every now and then you pause
You sense, but cannot see
An Angel close behind you
That my love, is me

You listen to the silence
You stare into the void
Your instinct looks right through me
Your eyes I still avoid

My heart screams out to be with you
If only you could know
If I could make you understand
My seeds of love I’d sow

My hand glides through your golden locks
You sense there’s someone there
My spirit hands caress you
The breeze upon your hair

Enchanted by this moment
Beside my love this day
Your image getting smaller
A force pulls me away

You’re gone and I can’t see you
I’m travelling so fast
Am I in some future,
Or in some distant past ?

I beg them not to take me
Away from you so soon
My vision ends quite suddenly
I’m lying in your room

You’re sleeping sound beside me
Your hot breath I can feel
Your arms are wrapped around me
My vision wasn’t real

Perhaps it was a warning
To cherish what I’ve got
A spiritual reminder
A strange ‘ Forget-me-not ‘

I wake you with a tender kiss
You ask me “ What’s the time ? “
I whisper that “ I love you ! ,
Please be my Valentine ! “


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