My Bags are packed

by | Nov 1, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

There I was just turned Eighteen
Been at college for a year
Waiting for the call up, a small spike of fear
Off into the unknown with my bags in tow
I know my parents didn’t really want me to go

New Iron, hangers, polish and cloth
Checking the list twice to make sure I have it all
Hoping that I don’t falter or fall
Two hold alls carry my worldly things
As I lift them to my shoulder my heart sings

Stepping out of my life, comfort and kin
Off I go, with family in tow
Everyone is there except my Bro
Weeks of being shout at, what a din
Months pass and now I am in

A life in the mob is something to behold
Experiences and possessions I gather to me
Very quickly not two bags, now I need three
The years roll by, fleeting and full
Enjoying the life and putting up with the bull

I take on a role that is above and beyond
Stepping out from the warmth into all weather
Stepping between rocks, earth, through grass and heather
At this time the bags are more than a few
I’m not sure if all are in full view

During this time I find my one true love
We are joined and set out on a path ahead
Not knowing some nights it will fill us with dread
By now the bags are multiplied ten fold
It seems they increase more now that I am old

Many years on we are both out of the mob
Struggling to carry on, determined to stay
Together no matter what, come what may
Our belongings now fill a modest house
All the crap gathered by me and my spouse

Where did it all come from
The bags that started as two long before
Have now mated becoming dozens more
There are several bags I would be rid
Filled with dark thoughts, deep down they are hid


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