My Big Brother

by | Nov 12, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

Why does my big brother
Have to work so far from home?
Why does he go for weeks on end?
Leaving me all alone

I know he is a soldier
Who goes away to fight
But when he goes I have bad dreams
And I cannot sleep at night

When he’s in these far off places
I’m frightened he’ll get shot
Mummy and Daddy have to comfort me
Because I cry a lot

I think about my brother
Every single day
And when I go to bed at night
I blow lots of kisses his way

I know my kisses reach him
He’s told me on the phone
He also tells me that they’re not as good
As the real ones I give him back home

I miss my brother very much
So I pray to the Angels above
Please tell my brother I’m proud of him
And that I send him all my love

I pray that my brother will stay safe and low
Until his job is done
So he can come back home to me
Then we’ll have lots of fun

But for now I’ll sit and wait at home
And no doubt I’ll cry a lot
You see I love my brother very much
He’s the only one I’ve got

I love you Nick

Jo-Ann xxx


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