My Bro

by | Jun 7, 2010 | Poetry | 0 comments

My Brother is a fireman, brave and true
If you are in trouble they will come and help you
Taking risks to finish the job right
Working endlessly sometimes through the night

Very proud of him my folks and I are
Dedicated and committed he will go far
Already a driver and leader of men he be
Great things I’m sure he will do you will see

Many chats he and I have had
Some of the subjects makes us both sad
In our time we have both seen terrible sights
Not sure about him, but they keep me up nights

Warned him I did when he told what he wanted to do
The path he has chosen is walked by very few
The job they do is hard on all that don the uniform
To perform the duty to which they have sworn

Fires and crashes are their bread and butter
Washing away blood and plasma into the gutter
The sights are not glamorous or pretty to see
Hope I do that he can cope unlike me

The services that answer calls of help and desperation
Should always get a very special heart felt mention
Because even if you have not needed them yet
One day there will be a time you will I can bet

I feel a sense of pride when I tell people of my brother
And the pride and worry bestowed upon my mother
Both her sons at times have placed themselves in harms way
So others on this earth might get a chance to stay.


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