My Christmas Angel

by | Nov 14, 2006 | Poetry | 0 comments

The night draws ever closer, the first star does appear
The anxious little child, wishes Santa would be here
She sighs and peers into, the cold dark winter skies,
“was that a flash of Santa’s sleigh?” she shrieks, hope in her eyes.
“It wont be long before he comes” I tell her one more time
She wiggles round the sofa puts her head so close to mine
“But mammy will he know, just where to stop tonight?
Or will his reindeers see the outside sign with lights”
“My darling, Santa’s busy, but he wont forget you’re here,
So go to bed lay down your head then Santa will be near”
She climbs the stairs and jumps in bed, I tuck her in so tight
I kiss her head and stroke her face, switch off the bedroom light.
“I love you mammy please don’t forget, tell Santa I’ve been good”
“You haven’t been bad, I’m sure he knows, as if you ever could”
I close the door and go downstairs to set the presents out
I’m waiting now till morning comes until I hear her shout.
This time of year so full of love, shared around the world
The best gift I’ll have this year and next is the love of my little girl.


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