My Daddy’s going away

by | Nov 20, 2008 | Poetry | 0 comments

My Daddy’s going away you know
Mummy says it’s for a while
I’ll miss our hugs and story-time
And certainly his smile.

Mummy says the time will quickly pass
But he has to go to work
In foreign fields and far-off lands
It’s something he can’t shirk.

He’ll fly upon an aeroplane
Magic carpet of the skies
The leader of a tight-knit team
To win the hard fought prize.

Together they will conquer all
That comes into their path…
‘Though I wish he was at home with me
Putting bubbles in my bath!

My Daddy’s still away you know
Mummy says he’s working hard
We chatter on the telephone
And I’ve sent a Birthday card.

From time to time Dad sends me stuff
And that is really cool
But best of all I like it when
I can show things off at school.

I know he loves me more each day
Our separation grows
It’s hard enough to squeeze it all
Between my head and toes.

If the sun gives way to cloud
And I’m not sure why he’s gone
I’ll talk to Mum and my best friend
And that will make me strong.

We miss each other most of all
As we snuggle in our beds
But we share the same warm blanket
Of stars above our heads.

Every night before he goes to sleep
Daddy says a little prayer
I sometimes think I hear it come
And whisper in the air.

To mark the passing of the time
We’ll colour in a chart,
Paint calendars and paper-chains
And call it ‘funky art’.

When Dad comes home we’ll go on trips
Fly kites and camping too
Explore the world of dinosaurs
And see tigers at the zoo.

My Daddy’s coming home you know
The excitement makes me quake
We’ll hang balloons and jump up high
And ice a chocolate cake!

My Daddy’s coming home today
I can’t believe it’s true
One cuddle’s worth a thousand words;
My kiss just, “I love you”.


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